Appearance Medicine

Everyone wants to look their best, at any age. There are many simple ways to achieve this. Our professional team have provided specialised medical assistance for over 20 years, addressing these issues in a confidential private clinic setting.

With the passage of time, our skin dries, becomes thinner and less robust, losing supportive tissues such as collagen and elastin. Gravity causes sagging, lines and furrows develop, and pores enlarge. Loss of volume causes an older tired appearance.  Sun exposure accelerates this process, as do personal factors such as smoking, excessive stress or alcohol use.

A personalised home treatment skincare programme can markedly improve your appearance, reversing sun damage for a healthier look. Those who eat well and exercise regularly do even better.  A softer fresher appearance contributes to improved self-confidence.

Some procedures assist this process, with varying degrees of invasiveness and minimal downtime. An initial assessment consultation clarifies appropriate potential steps forward and a plan of action at your pace.  For further information check out the following, or phone 09 438 6767 for an appointment or to request a brochure in the mail.