Dermal fillers are substances injected into or under the skin, using local anaesthetic paste or blocks,  to soften static lines, that is ones that you notice when muscles are at rest.  They can cause minimal redness, swelling, or skin irregularity after placement, lasting minutes to hours and rarely days.

Collagen was used for decades but has been surpassed by the modern hyaluronic acid products, known as “HA’s” or “ hyaluranon”, the new gold standard- such as Juvederm,  Restylane or Esthelis. These are all clear viscous translucent fillers that are not visible in the skin usually. Occasionally if placed too superficially a trained eye can detect them. HA fillers are stabilised to last between 6 months and up to 24 months depending on which product is chosen. They absorb water and soften to a nice smooth result over 2-3 days. They have a very safe safety record and complications are very rare. Results are immediate.

Semi permanent fillers are available lasting about 18 months such as Radiesse.

Permanent fillers sound attractive and can be- but the catch is they are permanent.  They do not migrate but rare infections have been described.

Sculptra is another option - it is injected into areas of volume loss as the cheeks, chin or temples.  Several treatment sessions at monthly intervals are usual. Your own collagen is stimulated to be produced, filling in the area nicely over 4-6 months. Top up treatments are 18-24 monthly.

Local anaesthetic (LA) is included in some filler products.  LA creams applied 45 minutes pre procedure, or simply injected LA blocks at the time can be requested.

Mandatories for Juvederm, Restylane and Sculptra.