A younger fresher natural look is quite possible with a combination of topically applied agents that will take a minute or two daily.  Laser treatment can augment this considerably, removing unwanted red veins, brown spots, sunspots or some skin cancers. The skin surface needs to be rehydrated, with a healthier turnover of the dead surface cell layers and a reduction in pore size.

Dermabrasion, superficial or medium depth chemical peels, needle rollering or deeper laser stimulation may well assist (see PDT or CO2 lasers).  Modern cosmeceuticals are proven self-applied skin products that are significant tools to help rejuvenate skin. Antioxidants as Vitamin A and Vitamin C have useful qualities, and alphahydroxy or fruit acids have a real role. Skin sensitivities and the effectiveness of some of the formulations we offer suggest you should approach using these agents cautiously at first.

Combining dermal fillers and Botox-R, a softer more youthful facial definition is created, with less angulated curves.  Subtly enhanced lip borders or augmenting lip volume, reduced lines and support around the mouth especially in older people are often sought.

A good result is when friends compliment you on looking “well” despite not being able to pinpoint what help has been used – a natural look is paramount.