Brown Spots

Freckles from sun exposure and larger pigmented spots on the face and body can be unsightly. After excluding the possibility of skin cancer, many of these can be removed by laser.  Specific lesions can be treated, but usually whole areas as the face are treated.  The lesions darken after treatment for up to 10 days and then slowly resolve.  Extensive pigmentation may require several treatments. The Medlite C6 and the Gemini laser may be used.

Melasma is a patchy problem on the face which can be difficult to treat. Topical treatment followed by laser application is the ideal approach. Topical pigment reducers have a place, especially if there is a history of increased skin pigmentation after trauma- as surgery, a cut or abrasion, or insect bites. Fractional CO2 SmartXide laser treatment is ideal, replacing small columns of skin with new skin sequentially. The Gemini and Medlite lasers work well for some also.