Hair removal

Unwanted hair can be removed over a series of usually 5-6 treatments to achieve permanent hair reduction. Darker hair is a good target for the laser, but with lighter hair it is difficult to achieve a good result. There are 3 stages of hair growth present in a hair follicle at any point in time. Hair regrows as normal after laser treatment, but by the fourth treatment, this hair becomes finer and less dense.  Regular treatment is essential to gain control. The Gemini laser is used to treat darker skin types, the Medlite C6 is best for finer hair especially on the body or face, and an IPL device is useful as well.

Hirsutism may be as a result of medical problems, such as polycystic ovarian syndrome. A medical check is handy before starting on a course of laser treatment. The distribution of hair may be characteristic.  Certain oral contraceptives and some oral agents can assist in long term hair control.