Unwanted unsightly scars can be remodelled with the SmartXide CO2 laser. A series of treatments will steadily improve the contour and texture of the skin. Raised scars flatten. Cosmetic improvement is often quite marked.

Fractional CO2 laser treatment penetrates deeply into the skin, delivering the light energy with a computer generated handpiece.  10-15% of skin is selected for treatment.  This leaves plenty of normal skin surrounding areas of treatment, so healing is enhanced.  A number of channels of skin will contract and be ejected. Skin grows back in from the periphery. New collagen forms over 21-23 days.  A very even treatment results reflecting the fresh new skin formed. Local anaesthetic cream may be applied to the treatment area 45 minutes beforehand.

Ablative treatment completely knocks out a chosen lesion or scar. A deeper area of skin dies locally to be replaced with healing new skin. This is more aggressive, but ideal for small target areas.  Local anaesthetic may be needed.