Skin Rejuvenation

Sundamage increases the appearance of aging. Skin becomes less supportive, with larger pores and a change in the ground substance assuming a yellowy shade. Sunspots may grow, with small areas of scaling or shallow ulceration. Skin cancer may then develop. Lines and wrinkles deepen.

Light based therapies can make a considerable improvement in these changes, reversing time changes by years. Collagen formation can be stimulated, surface pigment and sunspots cleared, creating a fresher appearance. Photodynamic therapy, PDT, the fractional CO2 SmartXide laser, or the Medlite C6 may be indicated for this.  Treatments are usually done in under 30 minutes, with little or no downtime. PDT is a more complicated process, with more likely some redness and swelling after.

IPLs are sometimes used for this indication, but they are much less specific than class 4 medical lasers, with a much higher chance of burns or problems.

This treatment can be maintained with good UV protection, and using topical antioxidants such as Vitamin C and Vitamin A.