Tattoo removal

Increasing numbers of people are having tattoos, often multi-coloured and in interesting places. Tattoos can result from trauma, which may contain larger particles as fine gravel. Professional tattoo ink and the depth of placement differ from the home done ones.

Blue black and darker colours are the easiest to remove. Light or pale colours can be tricky or impossible to remove.  Some small tattoos can be surgically excised. Lasers are the mainstay of treatment, requiring brief very powerful pulses of light to disrupt the pigment deposited, to break it up, effectively shattering it. Natural body scavenging mechanisms clear this away over time, with reduction in the tattoo outline. Treatments are usually 6-8 weeks apart.

The Medlite C6 is a superb laser for this purpose, and has been used for tattoo removal for many years.  It has the additional advantage of being able to treat reds, greens and purple pigment using varying handpieces. Treatments are quite fast as a large spot size can be used, and recycling time is very fast.  It is a Q switched laser, with extremely powerful beam emission for nanoseconds, which is a thousandth of a millionth of a second.

After treatment the treated area will swell and immediate colour change is noted with steam formation in the skin. This is transient.  Scarring is very unusual, and some pigment change in darker skin types may occur. The tattoo pigment slowly and steadily fades over time.