Tumescent Liposculpture is a safe and popular procedure to ‘reshape’ yourself with minimal discomfort.

‘Tumescent liposuction’ (TL) or ‘liposculpture’ removes unwanted fat deposits using thin metal tubes (cannulae) under local anaesthesia. This fat does not regrow. Avoiding general anaesthetics, this procedure is done in a ‘Day Stay’ theatre facility, and patients return to normal activities in days.

Before my Procedure?

You will be carefully assessed on more than one occasion, have baseline photographs and lab investigations performed, and informed consent arranged to clarify areas for treatment and the costs involved. There is ample time for discussion and answering your queries. The time for proceeding will be mutually organised. Refraining from any medicines (including over the counter and natural therapies) that may cause bleeding or bruising is encouraged for 2 weeks prior.  Oral antibiotics are commenced the day before the procedure.

On the day?

Have a shower and scrub with an antiseptic brush provided. Enjoy a light breakfast and take a light sedative plus 2 tablets of Paracetamol. You will need to be driven to the clinic and collected afterwards. Please leave jewellery and earrings at home. A theatre nurse will check you in on arrival. Areas for treatment are marked with a pen, then photographed before walking to theatre. Adits or tiny access points are planned, and a bleb of local anaesthetic is placed in the skin in these areas.

Warm dilute local anesthetic solution is infiltrated throughout the targeted fatty areas, becoming numb, as well as firm or "tumesced”.  Small liposuction cannulae can then travel smoothly beneath the skin in this plane, removing enough fat to achieve the desired change in body contour. Additional sedation is optional. Care is taken to keep you comfortable and warm throughout, with monitoring in an accredited theatre with skilled nurses.

After my Procedure?

Minimal bruising, stiffness, swelling and pain can be expected. Nausea and shivering can occur briefly.  You can return home a few hours after the procedure, and will usually be back at work in several days. Compression garments are usually worn for 7 - 10 days.  For the cheek-chin- jowls procedure this is just for 24 hours, then at night for 7-10 days.  These garments facilitate fluid drainage through the adits, minimising swelling and bruising. Lightly blood stained clear fluid drains mostly in the first 24 hours. Paracetamol can be taken for comfort.  Infection is rare. One possible fatality from necrotising fasciitis has been reported after decades of worldwide use of TL.

A noticeable difference is observable immediately after surgery. Body contours continue to improve for up to 6 months, as the tissues heal and skin contracts. Initial inflammation can cause skin thickening for several weeks, contributing to skin firming, retraction and lifting. Similarly transient nerve bruising can render skin tender or slightly numb irregularly, resolving over weeks.

Is this procedure for you?

Liposculpture is not a method of weight reduction, but achieves a more ideal body shape.  It is best for men or women who exercise regularly and have a good diet, but are still unable to remove stubborn areas of fat. These areas are often genetically pre-determined. Liposculpture is more suitable for those under 50 years of age, but older patients may also have excellent results if they have maintained good skin elasticity. More overweight patients benefit from better fitting clothes, increased mobility and improved self-esteem. An improvement of over 50% is readily achievable, but perfection cannot be guaranteed. A repeat touch up procedure may be indicated in 5-10% of cases.

Areas Commonly Treated in Men and Women:

•  Abdomen
•  Hips or love handles
•  Waists
•  Breast reductions – male and female
•  Cheeks, chins and jowls
•  Upper arms
•  Flanks
•  Outer thighs
•  Inner thighs
•  Knees
•  Calves and ankles
•  Buttocks