Breast Reduction

Both men and women seek this procedure as it allows a significant reshaping of the breasts for comfort and an improved appearance. Only 3 tiny adits are usually needed, one at the front of the armpit fold, and one in the centre on the lower chest.

Women often suffer from headaches, sore necks and painful pressure from bras cutting into the tops of the shoulders. The relief of weight and pressure is considerable.

Men have issues with female breast shapes in adolescence and in mid-life and are sometimes embarrassed to remove their shirts in public such as on the beach. “Man boobs” are often obvious in T shirts.

40-60% of the breast volume can be removed via tiny cannulae under TL. The breast is often up to 90% fatty in nature, and natural asymmetry can be corrected.  The reduction in breast weight, contraction of ligaments in the breast tissue and of the skin, contributes to a pleasant uplifting of the breast and better nipple presentation. This improves over 6 months or more.

Using TL the procedure is much safer and much cheaper than surgical options, and it avoids unsightly scars and the risks of general anaesthesia.