Tumescent Local Anaesthesia , TA

Very dilute local anaesthetic fluid is infiltrated under the skin in large volumes into the desired areas selected for treatment by tumescent liposculpture, TL. This makes the fatty tissue firm or “tumesced”.

Surprisingly low strengths of Lignocaine are effective in providing pain relief. Added Adrenaline markedly constricts blood vessels to reduce bleeding, and also prolongs the pain relief effect for many hours.    This has been shown to be very safe in doses well in excess of those used regularly in our clinic.

The local anaesthetic fluid is introduced using a pump and long slender metal tubes (“cannulae”).  The skin is numbed with a bleb of local anaesthetic, then a 1-2mm nick is made allowing the cannulae to be placed under the skin . Using an infiltration pump, the anaesthetic fluid is then evenly distributed throughout the treatment area via these entry points or “adits”.  The fluid is balanced with sodium bicarbonate to alter the pH to make it more comfortable, and is pre-warmed to body temperature.

After a short period of waiting to allow the Lignocaine and Adrenaline to gain full effect, the procedure is then performed.   Additional sedation is optional.

Being able to converse with you throughout allows for a safer and better cosmetic outcome, whilst avoiding the risks of general anaesthesia.