Skin Conditions

Many skin problems can be readily diagnosed and managed using modern medication, appropriate topical skin care, and enhanced by the use of skin lasers therapies. These can effectively treat hair, red veins, brown spots or pigmentation, tattoos, many skin cancers and especially to control acne or rosacea, re-fashion unsightly scars and reverse the effects of sun damage.

Prominent skin lesions such as moles, tags, warts and cysts can be removed, and skin cancers can be surgically removed with flap repairs under local anaesthetic alone.  Lasers or radiofrequency shave removals can often produce even better cosmetic results. Photodynamic therapy (PDT) combines chemical priming and laser treatment to combat extensive sun damage, acne, rosacea, and is a nonsurgical solution to the majority of skin cancers.

High incident UV levels locally increase sun damage and skin cancer formation. Lighter skin types and repeated sunburns are risk factors. Melanoma is a very real problem in Northland, and these are often cured with early diagnosis and surgical excision.

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