Priming for Lasers

Before undergoing skin resurfacing procedures such as fractional CO2 SmartXide laser resurfacing, or before PDT, it is recommended that the areas to be treated are primed for 3-4 weeks with the appropriate skincare.  This improves the general skin condition and assists in reducing healing times. Vitamin A, glycolic acid and moisturisers are the main skin primers, with Vitamin C also included for those with red veins or rosacea.

Primers are ceased post-operatively for 2 weeks.  A post laser lotion is recommended, specifically designed for homecare use during post-procedure healing, which soothes and protects tender, vulnerable skin.   Sunscreens must be used during this time as the skin will be more susceptible to sun damage.  Moisturisers and Vitamin C may also be continued safely after treatment.  Daily broad spectrum sun protection is obviously essential to maintain the benefit of treatment over time, and to reduce on-going damage.