This skin condition is common, where fine red blood vessels develop on the face.  Known also as “closed comedonal acne” it is actually quite different from the acne described above.

A red appearance results and some get flushing and blushing as well.  This is more common with lighter more Celtic skin types, and with UV radiation exposure.   Some foods can aggravate rosacea, such as spicy foods, alcohol, yoghurt, etc.

The red veins can be treated with a vascular laser very effectively, and several treatments may be needed. Photodynamic therapy (PDT)  is an excellent treatment for rosacea. The small unwanted veins are coagulated and resolve over several weeks.  Large vessels such as around the nose or on the cheeks can be treated with radiofrequency ablation, or on occasions, IPL.

Mostly a cosmetic problem, many non-drinkers are relieved to receive treatment, thus reducing the redness of their skin and dispelling thoughts that they may misuse alcohol.

A red lumpy rash can be associated with this condition, usually across the cheeks, and is best treated with topically applied Metronidazole cream (Rozex). Oral Tetracycline medication can be helpful as well.